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Rytsebækgaard - Visual Identity
Apple and pear packaging

We designed the visual identity for the ecological appleplantation, juice and honey production-farm, Rytzebækgaard.
The farm lies on the island of Møn

Rytsebækgaard Identity

Rytzebækgaard's no 1 product is their cold pressed ecological applejuice.

Rytsebækgaard Identity
Applejuice label

The design is modern but with a cosy and rural twist. It is used on all of the company's products; juice, honey, herbs, fresh fruit and more

Julius Koch

Julius Koch makes products for the sunscreening, shoe and leather industry. We designed the company's visual identity and all of the PR and marketing material

Julius Koch

Catalogues with product samples. We also designed the company homepage:

Julius Koch
Coloursample handout

One of the company's many small handouts with productsamples.

Julius Koch - Visual Identity
Annual Update brochures

The Annual update contains news and
testimonials from employees and clients.
View the company homepage, which is
also designed by us;

Julius Koch Identity
Handout and brochure

Productphotos in close-up are carefully used on all campaign and PR-material. To obtain a homogenious look, we used the same photographer for all the material - incl. the homepage:

DesignGroup Architects - identity
Annual promotional poster

We designed the company's visual identity, PR material and homepage. Shown here PR-poster- produced twice a year.
View homepage:

DesignGroup Architects - identity
Annual promotional poster

The poster is in mega size and the uncoated paper gives the poster a casual, informal quality. Every season a new colour and design is produced

Greeting Cards

Shiny laquer on matte white paper.
Idea, design and production of the greetingcardseries, LindbergCard.
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H&M - Show You Care - campaign
Mega poster 1

Support the breast-cancer case. H&M -
In store-campaign (Denmark/Norway) in collaboration with The Danish Cancer Society and Estee Lauder cosmetics.
First proposal.

H&M - Show You Care - campaign
Mega poster 2

Poster 2 (always next to poster 1)
The realised campaign ended up looking slightly more traditional. (view next ex!)
Design/AD: LindbergCPH/Sanne Lindberg
Copywriting: Susse Winther

H&M - Show You Care - campaign
Mega poster 1

Support the breast-cancer case.
Spokeswoman for the campaign was
singer Pernille Rosendahl. The campaign consisted of posters, hangtags, keychains
for salespersonel and PR-material

Nørkjær Knap - Visual Identity
Sun/Button logo

Nørkjær Knap sells business coaching to the fashion industry.
We designed the company’s visual identity. Note! Knap is the name of the owner and also means button in Danish

Winnie Paper / Miss Paper
Visual identity

We designed the name/logo, the packaging and the wrapping paper itself for the papercompany Winnie Paper.

Opener for beer and screwcaps

Opener for large sodabottles and beercaps designed in collaboration with the Tuborg/Carlsberg breweries.
Design by LindbergCPH/Sanne Lindberg and architect, Lars Hermansen

Design for the life we live today

LindbergCPH works conceptually and innovatively with graphic design solutions for print and web.
LindbergCPH is owned and run by graphic designer, Sanne Lindberg.


LindbergCard is a greetingcard-series in a unique, "poetically raw" and contemporary style. The cards are sold from high quality stores in Europe and the USA.
A new collection is designed every year


LindbergCards are designed by graphic designer, Sanne Lindberg

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Contact: Designer/owner
Sanne Lindberg